Confidential- Beverly Hills

Confidential is the newest celebrity hot spot, located in the heart of Beverly Hills just a block away from iconic Rodeo Drive. As local Hollywood Scenesters, we have always wanted a nest to call home in Beverly Hills, away from Hollywood Blvd and all the tourism. Finally, we have a location that speaks Bevelry Hills chic with white furniture, light pink lighting and top DJ performances.

The location is a bit hidden and notables enter through the back alley are escorted by a hostess decked in a white fur coat. Walking into the club you are guided through a black door and led down a staircase behind the main entrance. Within moments of hitting the last two steps you’re immediately hit by florescent lights and the pulsating rhythms of The E.C Twins.

You can expect Thursdays to be the best night to venture to Confidential for jam packed, unexpected performances. Last Thursday was the record release party for the E.C Twins’ newest track, The Best Song In The World…Ever! It was packed with celebrities and an amazing looking crowd and the dancers had light up LED sunglasses and glowing sabers.

Whether you’re coming out for a night with the girls or celebrating your best friend’s bachelor party,  you can always expect to have a great time. If you’re looking for the ultimate night you can reach out to some promoters that can take care of your night from the dinner to the exclusive after parties. Our recommended promoter of choice is the handsome Nik Belcevich, who currently networks himself around the best clientele and nightlife luminaries.

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