Styles with Blow N Go: Ponytail With A Twist

  We caught up with Amy from Blow N Go for another quick how to! Ponytails are quick, easy, and highly versatile. We combined a high ponytail and gave it a twist to give you a chic look in less than 5 minutes! Add a bow, r...
by Kimberly Gonzales

Styles with Blow N Go: Fishtail Braid

    We caught up with Amy from Blow N Go LA for another quick hair tip. A beautiful fishtail braid can be your best accessory. They’re easy and can take your outfit to the next level. Amy started with a side part an...
by Kimberly Gonzales


Styles with Blow N Go: Quick Nail Tip

Blow N Go: LA helps us with a quick rescue when in between manicures   We can all empathize that in between manicures can be a nightmare! So we have a quick nail fix to cover up those chips and scratches. Using a glittery ...
by Kimberly Gonzales



Styles with Blow N Go: Putting On Eyelashes

Trouble putting on eyelashes? We have all been there! It’s a talent putting on eyelashes without getting glue in your eye or glueing it shut or ending up with that wonky lazy eye from glueing the lash on too low. Luckily we h...
by Kimberly Gonzales


Styles with Blow N Go: Vintage Finger Waves

  We joined Angel from Blow N Go: LA for a quick how to on vintage finger waves! Finger waves are a timeless classic that can be added to any style for a chic look. They can be a little tricky but luckily we have an easy t...
by Kimberly Gonzales


Beauty Alert: Disposable Skincare Masks

Single-use masks with soothing and rejuvenating effects for the face, chin and neck. The masks come in multi-packed boxes and feature various combinations of natural plant extracts, pep-tides, acid compounds or gels that perfor...
by Chad Pulido



Fall Hairstyle Forecast for 2014/2015

Hair-styling and color inspiration for commercial beauty, in line with the autumn/winter 2014/15 fashion trends. Practical ponytails The classic ponytail will be reinvented with interesting details such as folds, tucks and t...
by Chad Pulido


Key Silhouettes For Fall Sunglasses 2014

Sunglasses: Four  Silhouettes That Are Key to Be Trendy This Season! BROW-FOCUS FELINE An exaggerated cat’s eye lens, strong brow-line and a high bridge are key details of this directional style. Glossy and mirrored metalli...
by Chad Pulido


Match Your Nails to A Pair Of The Famous Red Bottom Shoes By Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin on Your Nails Rouge Louboutin is the name of designer Christian Louboutin’s new red nail polish and its now available to buy. An additional 30 nail colours will be unveiled after the launch of Rouge Lo...
by Chad Pulido



TREND ALERT: Could Temporary Tattoos Be The Next Biggest Accessory?

 The New Accessory Alternative Could Be Hair Stencils and Temporary Tattoos.                     Hair Stencils Spray-on color is applied using stencils to create temporary pa...
by Chad Pulido


New Tips on How to Use your Favorite Beauty Products in ALL New Ways

 Makeup Artists Are Thinking Outside of the Box! Instant Glam On and Off The Red Carpet! Tip 1: Use eyeliner as eye-shadow “The creamier the pencil formula, the better. Line your lash line with the pencil and smudge it in...
by Chad Pulido

past modern

As Summer Fades and Fall Arises, Red Carpet Tips Has The Seasons New Hair and Make-up Trends

Kiss summer goodbye and say hello to the 1950’s! Autumn 2014 Hair Trends Vintage Styles 1950’s hairstyles are updated with new contemporary shapes and finishes for both women and men, giving a modern luxury look. We...
by Chad Pulido