‘Castle’ Leading Lady Stana Katic Dishes Tips at the ‘CBGB’ Premiere

Sporting a sensational raspberry toned vintage Versace gown, Stana Katic joined Celebrity Designer Charlie Lapson to talk fashion, beauty tips, and of course, the historic CBGB, at the eponymous film‘s premiere. To keep with the punk-rock era, Katic embellished her dress with an edgy, over-sized safety pin. “It feels right,” mentioned Katic, and it looked perfect.


Before giving us her beauty secret, Stana, who once snuck into CBGB at the age of seventeen, informed us that parts of the bar were featured in the film. A nice historic touch! Moving onto her look, we asked her what product helped her stay so beautiful and radiant. Well, her response: “I think the best tip is water.” There you have it–water. It helps keep you hydrated, healthy, and it’s good for your skin and hair, as she added.

Speaking of hair, we also wanted to know what she used in it. Once again, she charmingly declared, “Yeah, water.” To have the same lovely locks as Stana, drink plenty of water, ladies (and gentlemen).

As for the rest of her look, the Castle actress confessed her make-up was done by friend and makeup artist, Lizbeth Williamson. Don’t forget to watch the hit ABC series, Mondays at 10pm. Oh, and the Randall Miller directed, CBGB film!