Behind-the-Scenes Exclusive with the Bella Twins


The flirty and outgoing Bella Twins are in a class of their own.  They are not only gorgeous, but they also know how to capture the camera with their electric, magnetic presence and personalities. With celebrity designer Charlie Lapson styling the charismatic Divas behind the scenes, they gave our RCT reporter, Veronica Vergara, a glimpse into how they prepare for fabulous events.

“More than just elegant, they’re sexy too,” said Brie Bella, speaking about the Charlie Lapson diamond earrings she is wearing. She jokes, “But you know, when a woman feels sexy… what happens!”

With assistance from renowned stylist Emilio Uribe of Haus Fashion Lab, the twins show that the hours of preparation are worth every second once they step out onto the red carpet. From pre-show style fittings, outfit selection and styling, hair and makeup detailing to the runway rehearsal, the Bella Twins took center stage on such an important evening.