‘Bed Ridden’ Star Skyler Stone & Make-up Artist Nicole Leiter Support The Midnight Mission

Bed Ridden star Skyler Stone and make-up artist Nicole Leiter came as a couple to the Trilogy of Recovery film event, hosted by Midnight Mission and supported by Compassion With Fashion. Stone, who plays the twitchy, short-tempered drug dealer Bernard in the film, said that the character resonated with him on a personal level (“unfortunately”)


“At one time in my life I hit the party scene in Los Angeles and I took a couple of painkillers here and there at the time…I decided that wasn’t the life for me, and I met these guys-[directors/producers]-and they said ‘listen, we feel like you need some help, and we think in the process you could do a role that helps others’ and I was like, sounds win-win to me… I left a big part of me on the floor with this role and then moved on and changed my life forever.”

Stone who wore Zara in a simple formal outfit for the event, was accompanied by Leiter, who wore a layered Tatyana Peters yellow dress. Both had plenty of red carpet advice. “However you feel comfortable and confident,” Leiter said, “that’s what you should do.” Stone’s tip was a bit more specific: “make sure your underwear’s tucked in and smile.” He immediately took his own advice by performing a quick check.

To contribute to the Midnight Mission’s cause check out their website at www.midnightmission.org