Beauty Trend Alert: LUSH Cosmetics

On a recent excursion to Las Vegas, I heard about LUSH Cosmetics and forced myself out of the casino atmosphere to indulge in some head-to-toe body candy!

From the moment I walked into LUSH, I was immediately sold on the professionalism of the employees, who are gurus when it comes to product explanation, and the overall philosophy of the company. All LUSH products are 100% natural and the company, known for their humane approach to cosmetics, does not conduct animal testing. Also, all LUSH products are made directly from organic vegetables and fruits, which are vegan approved.

And a little tip… if you want a mini spa day at LUSH you can easily spend hours indulging in a complimentary facial, foot treatment and hand treatment with a skin identification of products designed specifically for you! I spent two hours at LUSH Cosmetics at TheHotel in Las Vegas and indulged in every treatment available. I had two designated employees that attended my every skincare need and explained each product with a demonstration. All in all it was an incredible, must-do-again experience.


My Regime: Face Treatment

1. Ocean Salt Exfoliator

2. Mask of Magnaminty

3. Breath of Fresh Air Toner

4. Gorgeous Moisturizer


My Regime: Foot/Hand Treatment

1. Buffy Exfoliator

2. Volcano Foot Mask

3. Fair Trade Foot Lotion (also can be used for the hands)

4. Mango Too

5. Crème Anglaise Body Moisturizer


1. Ocean SaltCleanse and exfoliate your skin with fresh natural ingredients. You will feel the tingly and fresh sensation on your face as you wash away dead skin cells.

2. Dark Angels MaskA hydrating mask for oily skin. Refresh your skin with this mask and see radiant glowing skin after one application. Prepare to get Dirty!

3. Buffy ExfoliatorPrepare your skin with a radiant exfoliant and get ready for baby smooth skin!

4. Gorgeous Skincare Moisturizer– After cleansing, we recommend the Gorgeous Skincare Moisturizer for flawless skin.

5. Breath of Fresh Air Toner– After cleansing, spritz your skin with a soft toner that will awaken your face and reveal flawless results.

6. Fair Trade Foot Lotion– In the mood for some foot treatment? This is the best lotion for toes and hands!

7. Mango Too Lotion This will soak and soothe your skin from head to toe. Enjoy an application by yourself or ask for assistance for a full body experience.

8. Volcano Foot Mask-Lava control awaits you! Prepare your toes for a deep exfoliant and warming sensation with Volcanic ingredients.

9. Sweet Lips Exfoliator Lips feeling dry? Apply this yummy lip exfoliator and let the scrub do the job. In seconds, dead skin cells will be gone, leaving you with a fresh new pout.


My favorite product from LUSH Cosmetics is the Crème Anglaise Body Lotion, which is so fabulous that it’s even hard for celebrities to get it before it’s sold out!  This cream is jam packed with amazing ingredients that are comparable to the richest ingredients around the globe, making it one of the creamiest and luxurious products ever created by LUSH. The product is infused with the exotic ingredient, saffron, which the word’s most expensive spice. As a side fact, it takes 150-170 handpicked flowers to make just one gram for this product!

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