Beauty Alert: Disposable Skincare Masks

Single-use masks with soothing and rejuvenating effects for the face, chin and neck.

face2The masks come in multi-packed boxes and feature various combinations of natural plant extracts, pep-tides, acid compounds or gels that perform a range of functions, including energizing, cooling or drawing out impurities to reduce signs of stress. Masks targeting anti-ageing aim to boost collagen production for firmness and deeply condition the skin to maintain elasticity. Each mask is shaped to fit around the face and neck, or the contours of smaller, concentrated areas, such as under the eyes or over the throat. Treatments range from 15 to 20 minutes, and can be used up to four times a week, making them convenient for consumers with little time for longer treatments. The cutout mask is huge in Asia and is now becoming more popular in Western markets.