Barbered or Butchered? We break down Mens’ Haircuts of 2014!

It seems getting a bad hair cut is a universal misfortune we’ve all experience at some point. They’re supposed to be barbers not butchers, am I right? So, why is it that our hair never looks quite the way we imagined?

A haircut, even the perfect haircut, is rarely all you need to pull off the given hair style you’re going for. Now, I know what you’re thinking “Dude, what’s the point of being a man with short hair if my morning routine is going to require effort?” well fellas; the better you feel about your hair the better you feel about yourself. The better you feel about yourself, the more confidence you’ll exude and more confidence is proven to enhance your overall well being. So, why not?

A ridiculously popular men’s hair cut right now is the fade or “high fade”. Most men with short hair are rocking it in some form or fashion. This cut is based on having hair short or buzzed on both sides and the back of the head, then long at the top. If you want something more stylized than the basic fade then refer to this picture of Justin Timberlake:

photo 1

Justin Timberlake pulled this version of the fade off by growing the hair at the top of his head long enough to comb the majority of the hair on his left side up and to the left. The remaining is combed back and to the right. All you need is a little styling gel for this quick look! Think you can squeeze in five extra minutes?

If five minutes a day is pushing it for your very tight schedule ( or laziness ) do not fear, David Beckham is here:

photo 4

To pull off this fade all you’ve got to do is wake up in the morning and stumble around until you find your hair gel. After that just start spiking it up as much as your heart desires.

photo 5

Oddly enough, especially for men, when you have curly or wavey hair the less product and combing the better it’ll look. So if you hair is anything like Bradley Coopers just comb it out of your face while it’s still wet. Then let it dry. If your hair is coarse add a bit of oil or leave in conditioner after combing it and voila!

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