‘Avatar’ Actress CCH Pounder Talks African Prints at GBK Gift Lounge

Actress CCH Pounder (Avatar, The Shield) discusses her practical trends with designer Charlie Lapson at the 2013 GBK Gift Lounge.

Now, since awards season encourages all actors to embellish their already fabulous style, many find themselves exhausted. Pounder herself confesses that after having “5-inch heels on for the last three or four days,” but for us she opted for more comfortable shoes.

While she might jokingly claim to be “unstylish, ” she surely knows how to make a bold, fashionable statement. Case and point, the vivid African Wax Prints she will be promoting. Not only are they colorful and lively, but it’s a way to incorporate culture into fashion. Plus, it’s chic to stand out among a monochromatic sea of dresses.

The veteran actress has recently been cast in the legal drama pilot of CBS’s, The Advocates and can be seen on SyFy Network’s Warehouse 13. Perhaps her characters can play around with fashion and incorporate these bright garments.