Author Lissa Coffey & The Hot Iron Holster at the Duliakas’ Oscar Suite

Author Lissa Coffey talked to RedCarpetTips at the Duliakas’ Oscar Suite about her new book, What’s your Dharma? The book is an excellent tool to discover the Vedic way to your life’s purpose. Coffey’s journey with the book inspired her new jewelry that “helps keep us on our path.” The jewelry includes a trendy bracelet that doubles as a hairband.

Lisa has also created a line of fragrances that bases itself on aromatherapy and “the science of aroma.” One of these fragrances, called Bhakti “smells like love.” The other fragrances include an energizing Karma, a mentally stimulating Jnana, and a calming and centering Raja. You can find out more at!

The Hot Iron Holster, an exciting new product showcased at the Duliakas’ Oscar Suite, can stick to practically any surface, a convenient attribute for a hectic set/dressing table! This silicone made creation can also hold heat styling tools while they are still hot, providing a safe holding location. It saves space while protects surfaces from heat damage. The nifty Hot Iron Holster is available to customers via,, and/or!