apl.de.ap Of Black Eyed Peas Shows Off His Men’s Fashion

Alexis Monsanto’s 2012-2013 runway show at the finale of STYLE Fashion Week drew the crowds and the stars for an evening of glamour. The Filipino designer’s unique style, inspired in part by his roots, turned heads, including the mohawked head of apl.de.ap, fellow Filipino and member of the Black Eyed Peas. RTC reporter Danika Quinn caught up with the hip-hop superstar on the red carpet to discuss fashion.

Apl.de.ap was clad in his usual leather look from head to toe, and when asked about his sense of fashion, he said with a laugh “I’ve got too many leather jackets!… it’s gotta fit right, from the arm to the shoulder to the stomach area, you know?” The rapper knows his fashion; he shops the best.

He wore a Gareth Pugh Jacket which buttoned at the shoulder to the event, but he also wears Unconditional. He had plenty of advice for leather lovers. If you’re on a budget, G-Star Raw makes great urban leather clothing on a budget. “G-Star is still edgy, but affordable.”

As for hygiene, he said “I gotta be freshly showered all the time, every time I step out, you know what I mean? Got all the lotions and cologne… and I gotta get my hair right, know what I mean?” His biggest tip is “just being original, thinking outside the box, and…expressing yourself from the INNER… and that’s how I rock my stuff.”