Antonio Sabato Jr.’s Style Steps

Antonio Sabato Jr. shined in a classic suit at the 2012 Night of 100 Stars Gala.


Antonio Sabato Jr. Shares His Personal Style Tip At the Night of 100 Stars Gala.


Antonio Sabato Jr. is no stranger to the public eye. As a successful TV star and Calvin Klein model, he’s got the style routine down. His prep tips may be basic, but they work. Brush your teeth, comb your hair and get some sleep before the event. At the event, be articulate and don’t chew gum.

The most important tip from Antonio, is finding a suit that fits. A beautiful or expensive suit means nothing if it doesn’t fit properly. Find a tailor you trust to help you get the right fit. Then, make sure the suit is clean and pressed. According to Antonio, you’re then red carpet ready.