Andrea Bowen’s Star Style Tip

Andrea Bowen, who plays Teri Hatcher’s daughter on ABC’s Desperate Housewives, met with Red Carpet Tips at the Kari Feinstein Oscar Lounge.

Andrea Bowen shares her red carpet tip.

Andrea’s secret to looking great on camera is taking care of her skin. Skin flaws are difficult to conceal from the lights on set or natural sunlight, therefore it is important to take care of your skin instead of thinking of ways to cover up.

Most dermatologists will tell you the most important thing you can do to preserve your skin is to wear sunscreen. Even if you’re not living in sunny Hollywood, the sun is up there and you’re getting the rays. Choosing a moisturizer or foundation with SPF inside is an easy way to make sure you’re covered.

Another simple way to take care of your skin is to always wash your face before bed. Whether you were dolled up in makeup or not, a gentle cleanser will help your face stay clear. Follow with a moisturizer to keep your skin soft throughout the day.