A New Face of Young Hollywood, Andra Fuller Shares His Red Carpet Tips at The 22nd Annual Divas Simply Singing

Andra Fuller, the up-and-coming hunk from the sensational L.A. Complex series, strutted across the red carpet poised and relaxed in the limelight of flashbulbs and excitable reporters at the 22nd Annual Divas Simply Singing!  Fortunately for him, all he needed to get his swagger on for the evening was a good old-fashioned soap and water cleaning! The actor wore a dark navy blue suit, paired with a light blue shirt and a striking red tie. Fuller joked that his good genes and healthy eating habits completed his divine manly package. His comments about the HIV/AIDS epidemic, however, were very serious.


“Be brave enough to get tested,” said Fuller.

Lucky for us, he promised our Red Carpet Tips reporter Chiedza Mavangira to let us catch up with him soon behind the scenes for a more in-depth look at his style, and for more of his secret beauty tips!