American Music Awards 2012 Celebrity Style Review: Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj


Red Carpet Tips just wrapped our AMA’s Fashion Round-Up with some very special guests!  Celebrity designer Charlie Lapson, makeup guru Klexius Kolby, two-time Olympic figure skater Tai Babilonia, and makeup artist to the stars Sharon Gault all stopped by to give us their expert tips on this year’s top red carpet looks. Here’s what they had to say:

Reigning diva extraordinare Christina Aguilera looked beautiful in a classy Hollywood way.  All agreed that this was that this is the best we’ve seen her in several years.  Klexius loved how she emphasized her curvaceous figure with the way her dress was cinched at her waist.  Her hair and makeup were perfect and she looked very composed.  Charlie adds that it was a nice contrast to see her not in costume, but as the glamorous hollywood star she is.  Speaking of costumes, Sharon was responsible for the makeup you saw on Christina’s dancers during her actual performance.  She says she was inspired by 1970’s album covers and wanted to give the dancers the feel of rock goddesses giving birth to Venus.  Mission accomplished, Sharon!  The gleam and glitter of the dancers really pulled an already amazing performance together.  Bravo!  To see more of Sharon’s work log on to

Taylor Swift hits it out of the ballpark every time.  She managed to look dazzling in a sequined gold mini dress without over tanning, giving her the impossibly fresh look she has come to be known for.  She wears the clothes—the clothes don’t wear her.  The statuesque way she posed on the red carpet reminded our panel strongly of royalty.  If country music were to nominate a princess, Taylor would be the obvious choice.  To get Taylor’s look, remember that less is more.  It’s better to enhance your natural beauty by adding a pop of color, like a red lip, than to completely cover it up with too much make up.

Nicki Minaj’s look for this year’s AMA red carpet was definitely out of the box, according to our experts.  She has learned how to make an entrance and she is all about the costume.  Her hair is costumy, her dress stands out from the crowd and thats what she’s looking for.  She’s an image builder.  Girls like Nicki are creating their own look, which is much different from old hollywood which was very classic.  Dressing for award shows these days is almost like playing a game of chess to see who is going to make the next style move.  These girls kind of force their stylists to push the button.  It’s a costume war right now, explains Charlie Lapson.  The biggest tip you could take away from Nicki’s red carpet look is to take chances and throw out the old rule book my mixing and matching the traditional with innovative.