Alexis Monsanto: Couture Hollywood Celebrity Fashion

Style Fashion Week is a major Los Angeles fashion event, drawing big names to the runway for a week of stunning debuts. This year Hollywood designer Alexis Monsanto presented his spring/summer 2013 collection at the Friday night finale of the event. Red Carpet Tips reporter Danika Quinn was there to get the inside story from the man of the hour himself. Alexis, who saw his first runway show in Manila at 15, was inspired by the classic and timeless beauty of Grace Kelly. He feels that her regal style was iconic and should inspire people to be confident in whatever they are wearing. To give his looks a little extra punch, Alexis says he loves to collaborate with celebrity designer Charlie Lapson, who was responsible for the fabulous jewels, bags and bling seen on the runway.

Alexis is devoted to couture: “I realized that nothing could be more desirable than the satisfaction of creating the second skin for a woman and knowing that many creations would give pleasure to the people around the world.” He insists on a perfection which, he says, consists of “a certai quality of universality, which can outlast the era. This is an all important element.” He says this timeless aspect strives for is aimed at “investment dressing”, i.e. clothes that endure over time.

He says he designs clothes that are more elegant and refined than most ready-to-wear items. “The price point is reasonably high, which makes the woman who wears [my clothing] very confident, proud and powerful.” Walking the line between exclusivity and affordability is very important to him.

Alexis came to the United States from the Philippines, pursuing his dreams in fashion and style. “I came to the U.S. with only one suitcase filled with so much courage, dreams to fulfill, a strong determination, the will to success and a sheer talent.” He studied at Otis-Parsons (now the Otis College of Art and Design) and admits that it was a struggle to exist in such a competitive market. “I had a bumpy start when I was new here in L.A. I was a small fish in the ocean, but I was able to navigate and stayed afloat. In my struggles I had so much sacrifice and those ho had helped me build the strenght to where I am right now. I failed many times and I get up, it has never discouraged me, instead it pushed me.” He looks forward to his next show at New York Fashion Week, where his clothing will be inspired and driven by the success of his showing at STYLE fashion Week.

Despite the glamour of the runway, Alexis readily recommends a very simple tip for your daily beauty regimen that anyone can follow: remember to wash your face before going to bed and, most importantly, dont forget to moisturize. Simple enough! Bravo Alexis on a wildly successful show and thanks for the tip.