Alexandria DeBerry’s Do-It-Yourself Summer Tips

Alexandria “Allie” DeBerry hit the red carpet at the 2012 Young Hollywood Awards in a stunning black little Terani Couture dress, which she freshened up with  neon pink nail polish, one of the must-have colors this summer. The Young Hollywood Awards act as the premiere destination for honoring the entertainment industry’s brighest crop of of rising stars. In its 14th year, the ceremony celebrated the best emerging actors, directors and entertainers in Hollywood, recognizing their work and shining light on names to remember. DeBerry has had guest appearances in TV shows, such as The Wannabes and Disney’s Shake it Up! and can currently be seen in the comedy series A.N.T. Farm alongside Sierra McCormick.

As she proved with her nail polish choice for the awards show, DeBerry is jumping on the neon trend this summer. “I’m loving black or all nude with a pop of neon,” she tells RCT reporter, Carly Steel. Another summer trend that caught her attention are tie dye shorts. Even though the trendy shorts can be bought in shops like Urban Outfitters, DeBerry’s summer project will be to make them herself. As she tells RCT, an easy way to create this look is to cut off old jeans, tear the edges, bleach them and accessorize them with studs and/or little patches.

In terms of makeup for red carpet events like the Young Hollywood Awards, DeBerry usually goes for the smokey-eye look, using more mascara and eye makeup, but during the day she likes to keep it more natural. “I just use any drugstore mascara,” she says. “I’m not into all the expensive stuff.” Good to know that a cheaper mascara works for a nice red carpet look as well!