Actress Dot-Marie Jones Talks About Jewelry, Anti-Bullying, and ‘Glee’ at the GBK Style Lounge

The amazing Dot-Marie Jones joined celebrity designer Charlie Lapson the GBK Celebrity Style Lounge. Lapson couldn’t help but notice the beautiful necklace Jones was sporting. The Tiffany & Co. key was a gift given to her by her agent the night she wed Bridgett Casteen. The newlywed was also proudly wearing her band from Tiffany, along with a bracelet from Pandora, symbolizing happiness, joy, and health.

The actress, who happened to be standing in front of the Lambda Legal sponsoring booth, spoke a few words about the group’s efforts in fighting for equality. Jones, who is a major anti-bullying advocate like the organization, said “mean people suck. There’s no reason to be mean.”


Dot-Marie, who plays Coach Beiste on Ryan Murphy‘s hit musical series Glee, mentioned how the inspiring show always strives to send a message and represent people from all walks of life. It’s a show for everyone because “anybody can relate to somebody on the [show].”  Jones, who has received three Emmy nominations for her role, enjoys the positive reactions from fans.

To become one of her “lil punkins,” join Jones on Twitter at dotmariejones and watch her Tuesdays at 8PM on FOX’s Glee.