A Sexy Lana Parrilla From ‘Once Upon A Time’ Enchants Us With Her Fashion at the 24th Annual GLAAD Awards

Lana Parrilla may play the Evil Queen on ABC’s Once Upon A Time, but she spiced up the 24th Annual GLAAD Awards Red Carpet looking, well, nice.

Parrilla dared to diss her Storybrooke garments and opted for a sleeker, “fun and sexy” off-white cocktail dress by Shakuhachi. “It’s a nice time to wear white,” confessed Parrilla. And she surely stood out on red carpet,  by pairing the ensemble with a striking statement necklace–consisting of neon pink flowers, gold-white wing like stones, and a few fuchsia gems–that was perfectly complementary.

To complete her “enchanting” look, the gorgeous actress added a more subtle shade of pink lipstick, courtesy of Estée Lauder, along with lip gloss by Jouer for some extra shine.

“For the last fifteen years,” she has used eye cream to help her accomplish such radiant, flawless skin. Valmont, seems to be her favorite of skin care products.

Along with the secrets behind her fabulous look, Parrilla admitted it would be a great night if she were to meet Charlize Theron, her fellow Evil Queen.