A look at This Year’s Best Film: The Artist


The Artist walked away from the 84th Academy Awards with 5 Oscars including; Best Picture, Lead Actor, Directing, Music, and Costume Design.

This was the first silent film to even win an Oscar since the first Academy Award in 1929!

We caught with award winning lead actor, Jean Dujardin, along with the award winning director, Michel Hazanavicius, after they won their first Oscars.


Mark Bridges, now an Oscar winning costume designer, stood out from every other person in his category due to his ultimate challenge of a black and white film.

Colors weren’t an option for Mark so he had to create a way for the actors to stand out from the backgrounds by using only texture.  Not only did he use amazing fabrics to help create the wardrobe from this year’s best film, Mark also tailored the size of the outfits to reflect what was happening in the plot.  When an actor was feeling “small” in a scene, Mark tailored their costume to fit them larger than the scene before.


With inspiration from 1920’s films, especially Show People, which was filmed at the MGM backlot, Mark described his work on The Artist as a “love letter to Hollywood.”